Introducing Kate

AI RPAS Instructor

Introducing our exceptional AI Instructor, Kate, your go-to expert in RePL (Remote Pilot License) and AROC (Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate) theory. With her vast knowledge and expertise in these areas, Kate is the perfect companion to guide you through your training journey. Don't just take our word for it—put Kate to the test!

Embedded right on our page, Kate is available to answer any questions you may have about the RePL course. Whether you need clarification on a particular concept or seek in-depth insights into the training material, Kate has you covered. With her extensive training and understanding of RePL and AROC, she can provide detailed and accurate responses to your inquiries.

But it doesn't stop there! Want to challenge your knowledge and see how well you've grasped the course content? Test Kate by asking her to quiz you on a specific topic related to RePL and AROC. Try it now by copy/pasting this:
Hey Kate. Quiz me on meteorology for RPAS
Hey Kate. Quiz me on Time in relation to RPAS
Hey Kate test me on RPAS Electrical Terms

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to engage with our AI Instructor, Kate. Explore the depths of RePL and AROC theory with her guidance, ask her burning questions, and even put your knowledge to the test. Experience the convenience and expertise that Kate brings to your training journey. So, go ahead, ask away, and let Kate impress you with her vast knowledge and interactive learning capabilities.
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"I am incredibly proud to launch our revolutionary AI instructor, Kate. The advanced learning styles and enhanced accessibility options offered through our student portal set us apart in the RPAS education industry. This ground breaking solution represents a major milestone in our commitment to providing extraordinary educational experiences for aspiring aviation professionals."

Lee Carseldine

Chief Remote Pilot

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Droneit has been an amazing company that has helped me achieve my dream of flying drones commercially. They were supportive, with excellent backup and assistance along the way as I was studying.

Aldo Staffieri

Completed my RePL course with Droneit and couldn't be happier with the experience! My trainer went above and beyond to assist me with completing the course and work around my busy schedule. Very professional!

Tim Ashford

The trainers are extremely knowledgeable with most of them being aeroplane pilots, and of course drone pilots with extensive aviation knowledge. The student portal makes the learning experience as simple as it gets!! Definitely recommend Droneit!

Dan Sheahan